6 Ways to Reduce Shine on Synthetic Wigs & Make Synthetic Wig Look Natural

Although the human hair wig is more realistic and natural, at the same time, its price also makes many people flinch, so they can only go back and choose the synthetic fiber wig. The chemical fiber wig is really cheap, but it has a slight shiny luster, especially in the sun, which is very obvious. It can be seen at a glance that it is fake. You certainly don't want the obvious gloss of synthetic wigs to expose the fact that your hair is unnatural. So how to reduce the gloss of synthetic wig so that you can use it for modeling when you go out? In fact, it only needs some simple materials to cover the shine of chemical fiber materials!

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6 Ways to Reduce Shine on Synthetic Wigs & Make Synthetic Wig Look Natural 

Synthetic wigs can often appear shiny and fake, which can be a giveaway that they are not real hair. However, there are several methods to make a synthetic wig less shiny.

1. Dry Shampoo

"Dry cleaning shampoo", as the name implies, does not need to wash the hair with water, but absorbs the hair oil and dirt from the hair through the powder with absorption function. In addition, it can also be evenly sprayed on and achievement wig to remove the unnatural luster on the wig. However, dry cleaning shampoo has one disadvantage. Although it covers the gloss of your wig, the white powder it sprays will temporarily discolor your wig. So if you don't want your wig to change color, please choose the appropriate dry cleaning shampoo. For example, for dark hair color, it is best to use dry cleaning shampoo specially designed for dark hair. In addition, after spraying dry cleaning shampoo, gently wipe these areas and apply them evenly, which can also reduce discoloration. If you suddenly want to wear a wig before going out, it can be used.

2. Baby Powder

Baby talcum powder can be used to prevent baby diaper rash, but it can also help you remove the grease on synthetic wigs. When you don't have dry cleaning shampoo, you can also use it as a substitute. Just spray a little baby powder on the palm of your hand, then pat it around the wig, shake off the excess powder, and then spread the powder gently with a comb or finger until it spreads to every part of the wig, which will greatly reduce the gloss of the wig.

3. Wig Shampoo

Although many wigs can be washed with ordinary shampoo, some brands of shampoo are specifically for wigs. The chemical reagents used in these shampoos can remove the unnatural luster existing on synthetic wigs. After washing the wig with the wig shampoo, dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

4. Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is a kind of vinegar made from fermented apple juice, which is used in food preservatives, chutney, salad dressing and balsamic vinegar. And apple vinegar has many benefits for beauty and health. But here, apple vinegar can act as a softener for synthetic fiber

How to use:

  • Pour 1/2 cup apple vinegar into warm water, stir well, and immerse the wig in it.

  • After soaking for 20 minutes at most, you will notice that there are white marks in the container where your wig has been soaked, which indicates that there is a chemical reaction between the two.

  • Take out the wig and rinse it thoroughly with water.

  • Place the wig on the wig holder, gently comb the wig to ensure that the hair is not tangled.

  • After the wig dries, you can have a synthetic wig without unnatural gloss.

5. Fabric Softener

The effect of clothing softener is similar to that of apple vinegar. If you don't have apple cider vinegar, you can also try fabric softener. The use method is the same as apple cider vinegar.

6. Use a Baking Soda

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup of water and apply it to the wig with a spray bottle. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. This method can help to reduce shine and eliminate any odors.

7. Use a Matte Hairspray

Apply a light mist of matte hairspray to the wig to help reduce shine. Be careful not to use too much hairspray, as this can make the wig look stiff and unnatural.

With the above methods, you can easily remove the unnatural gloss on the wig and make synthetic wig look natural。

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