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Do you dream of having long hair with beautiful shiny and dense curls? Our curly virgin hair bundles are the ideal solution: they will give your afro or curly hair a beautiful volume, but also a touch of fantasy and audacity that you will love. Opt for quality curly human hair extensions and finally give your hair a boost!

Are you looking for high-quality and profitable wholesale raw curly human hair bundles to expand your hair business, or perhaps you are looking for natural curly weave hair extensions for your salon customers, then we are your best choice. Our kinky curly hair bundles offer high quality, super long lifespan, and low price to greatly benefit both hair vendors and wearers! In addition, we promise fast shipping and responsible after-sales service to make you worry-free. If you need special customized services, please contact us to get the best purchasing solutions!

Buy Top Quality Kinky Curly Hair Weave Bundles at Factory Outlet Prices 

From Honest Hair Factory, the good hair vendor in China, we offer curly hair bundles specially dedicated to afro black women and girls who loves curl hairstyles. These curly human hair extensions are made from natural hair for a perfectly uniform and harmonious result. Our curly virgin hair bundles are also very easy to use in any type of extensions and will give you the opportunity to transform your hair in the blink of an eye. Our natural curly weaves and kinky curly hair bundles are of excellent quality and available at affordable prices. A wide range of colors is available as well as a large choice of lengths. Whatever your hair desires, you will certainly find what you want!

Benefits of Buying Curly Virgin Human Hair on HonestHairFactory.Com

  • Each kinky curly hair weft is composed of unprocessed premium raw virgin hair that can be coloured, straightened, curled, washed, blown-dried, and styled

  • Curly hair wholesale pricing that are unrivaled by other vendors

  • Various varieties available in natural black/blonde hue, lengths ranging from 8 to 50 inches, and densities

  • For your hair retail store, we provide customized labeling and packaging services

  • Both in-stock and customized orders are guaranteed to arrive quickly

  • Customer support that responds quickly ensures a worry-free after-sales experience

Should I Try Curly Human Hair Bundles for Extension?

Yes, curly human hair bundles would be a good choice for hair extensions when you are considering the following things:

  • Curls can add volume and texture to fine or thin hair. Curly bundles provide fullness that straight hair may not.

  • Curly hair is lower maintenance than straight styles when it comes to styling. The curls hide knots and blending better than straight strands.

  • High-quality curly bundles like virgin Brazilian or Peruvian hair will hold curls well after washing and retaining their curl pattern over time with proper care.

  • Curls require extra care like weekly deep conditioning to prevent frizzing and keep curls defined. Curly hair is also more prone to tangling so watch for knotting.

  • Consider your lifestyle - curls need time to air dry fully versus using tools. Swimming and humidity may cause frizzing as well.

  • Curly weaves need to be re-styled less often than straight looks but still require regular trims to blend roots.

  • Curls won't have as seamless a blend if your natural hair is pin-straight versus also having some curl or wave.

  • Curly hair may be more expensive than straight as the curls require extra processing to achieve.

If you want low-fuss volume and don't mind extra conditioning, curly hair can be a very natural-looking option. Just be prepared for extra care needs versus straight hair. Try smaller bundles first if unsure.

How Many Bundles of Curly Hair Do I Need?

Curly hair usually has more density and does not necessarily need as many bundles to achieve a full look. Here are the curly human hair bundles you need for different hair lengths:

  • For 16 inches, you need 2 bundles whether you're getting curly, wavy, or straight hair.

  • For 18 inches, you need 3 bundles. This is a popular length and 3 bundles will ensure enough fullness, especially for wigs.

  • For 20 inches, you still need 3 bundles of kinky curly hair.

  • For 24 inches, you can likely get away with 3 bundles but 4 would be better for very full hair. Stick with 3 bundles of the same length or do some layering like 22, 24, 24 inches.

  • For 26 inches, do 4 bundles for the best fullness and thickness from root to tip. You can do some layering like 22, 24, 26, 26 inches.

  • For 30 inches, do at least 3 bundles but 4-5 is better if you really want that super full look. Layering 22, 26, 30 inches would work well.

  • Longer lengths need more bundles because the wefts get shorter as the hair length increases. More bundles compensates for the shorter wefts.

Curly Hair Bundles for Different Styles:

  • For a full curly sew-in style, 2-3 bundles are typically sufficient. If going for a longer curly style, 3-4 bundles may be needed for full coverage. Unlike straight styles, curly tracks have little space between them, so not using enough bundles may expose the braids underneath.

  • For a curly partial sew-in, 2 bundles are usually enough for standard lengths. For lengths longer than 24", 3 bundles may be needed for a partial curly sew-in. In general, curly hair requires fewer bundles than straight hair to achieve a full look due to the texture and density of curls.

  • For shorter curly styles like a shoulder-length sew-in, 2 bundles is typically enough.

On Honesthairfactory.com, we provide 8-50" curly virgin hair bundles for you to choose from to help achieve any hairstyle.

How To Put On (Install) Curly Hair Bundles?

Here are three main methods to apply our curly human hair extensions for a natural and beautiful look:

  • Curly Hair Sewn-In - Part the natural hair and sew the curly bundles through the parted sections using a needle. Make sure to match the texture and curl pattern of the bundles to your natural hair.

  • Curly tape in hair extensions - Apply bonding or fusion tape to the front hairline and along the sides before clipping or taping in curly weft bundles that match your hair type. Brush through to blend.

  • Curly hair clip-in extensions - Work with 1/2 inch subsectioned strands and clip in full track clip in bundles piece by piece, making sure to stagger the clips. Blend thoroughly by finger combing conditioner through both natural and synthetic hair.

How Long is Our Curly Human Virgin Hair Bundles Last?

The lifespan of our curly human hair bundles will vary depending on how well they are cared for and maintained, but on average, customers can expect them to last more than 12 months with proper care. Some key factors that influence the longevity of our curly bundles include:

  • Hair Quality: We only use premium grade Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian virgin human hair in our bundles, which helps ensure maximum durability. Lower cuticle damage means longer lasting curls.

  • Maintenance & Styling: Regular cleansing and deep conditioning, as well as limiting heat styling, helps retain moisture and curl pattern. Proper techniques like diffused air drying also preserves the hair better.

  • Usage: Less frequent wearing and limiting harsh brushing/combing when styling can help the curls hold up longer. Allowing rest periods between uses extends the bundle's lifespan.

  • Individual Hair Characteristics: Natural hair thickness and porosity impact longevity, though our strict quality checks minimize such variances.

Providing our customers store and care for the bundles following basic guidelines like above, they can get 6-12 months of frequent wear and styling versatility from our premium curly bundles before needing replacement. Of course, less frequent or careful users may be able to use them even longer.

How To Wash and Maintain Curly Human Hair Bundles?

Here are the steps to wash and maintain kinky curly weft hair bundles:

  1. Use a bucket to wash the hair. This makes it easier and wastes less products.

  2. Fill the bucket with warm water and shampoo. Dip the hair bundle in and out of the bucket to soap it up.

  3. Use a toothbrush to lightly scrub the partings/knots/leaves to remove dirt and buildup. Be gentle to avoid ripping.

  4. Rinse the bundle thoroughly under running water to remove all shampoo.

  5. For conditioning, fill the bucket with cool water. Dip and let the bundle sit for 5-15 minutes for deep conditioning.

  6. Detangle the hair using a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush while conditioning.

  7. After rinsing out conditioner, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair serum to define curls and reduce frizz.

  8. Let the bundle air dry or use a diffuser for faster drying.

  9. Once dry, fluff the curls with your fingers to add volume. Refresh regularly to keep curls soft and juicy.

Shop the most affordable but best quality curly hair bundles from one of the best wholesale hair vendors, discover our collection of Brazilian Curly Hair, Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair, Peruvian Curly Hair, Malaysia Curly Hair, India Curly Hair to find the best type you want. Our natural curly hair weaves exist in several shapes, colors and lengths that you can choose according to your tastes and desires. It's a simple solution to change your hair look without touching or damaging your real hair. Kinky Curly Virgin Hair Weaves are soft and delicate locks that are placed on the head using different processes. Perfect for people with afro or mixed-race hair, curly weaving is the ideal solution to have the hairstyle of your choice. Our curly hair extensions are flexible and can be styled, it is then possible to adapt the extensions according to your desires by cutting them, smoothing them or by waving them easily.

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