How to Run a Hair Business in New York - Best Ways to Be a NYC Wholesale Hair Vendor

New York City is a hub for beauty and style, with salons and retailers constantly demanding the latest and greatest hair extensions and wigs. Supplying this bustling market is an ecosystem of wholesale hair distributors who have built their businesses to serve the unique needs and fast pace of the Big Apple. To effectively run a wholesale hair business in NYC, you need to carve out your niche, build local relationships, understand regulations, have the right inventory, and leverage technology.

What is the potential for wholesale hair dealers in New York?

With careful planning around these factors, there could be an opportunity for a wholesale hair dealer to enter the New York market successfully. However, conducting in-depth market research and developing an effective business strategy would be essential first steps. There could be some potential for wholesale hair dealers in New York, but it would depend on several factors:

1. Competition: New York already has many hair suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers, so breaking into the market could be difficult. Finding an unmet niche or competing on price/service would be important.

- Major wholesalers like Sally Beauty Supply, Cosmoprof Beauty Supply, CPP True Value Beauty

- Smaller niche wholesalers like Kizure Beauty Supply, Xuchil Beauty Supply

- Direct hair importers/wholesalers like Sunbrella Corp, Sensationnel Hair

2. Demand: New York has a large population with diverse demographics that use wigs, hair extensions, etc. There is an existing customer base, but assessing the level of unmet demand would be crucial.

3. Partnerships: Connecting with hair stylists, salons, retailers or distribution platforms could help drive wholesale business. Building relationships and networks could make it easier to enter the market.

- Hair salons like Salon Ziba, Pierre Michel Salon, John Barrett Salon

- Beauty retailers like Ricky's NYC, The Beauty Bar, ULTA Beauty

- eCommerce sites like Shopbop, Revolve, Peach & Lily

4. Differentiation: Offering unique products, services or capabilities like custom blends, rapid fulfilment or integrated technology could help attract wholesale buyers in a competitive market.

5. Costs: New York City may have high operating costs like real estate, inventory, marketing, and labour. Managing overhead and optimizing operations would help manage profit margins.

6. Regulations: Navigating licensing, permits, regulations, and taxes specific to New York City and the hair industry would be important for any wholesaling business.

Where do wholesale hair dealers in New York source their hair?

The idea is to find ethical, sustainable and high-quality sources at affordable wholesale pricing. This often requires developing close relationships with manufacturers and understanding the supply chain. Here are some common places where wholesale hair dealers in New York source their hair:

- Overseas Exporters: Many hair dealers import hair from exporters in Asia (e.g. China, India, Malaysia). This virgin and raw hair is purchased in bulk at a low cost.

- Domestic Suppliers: Hair may be sourced from suppliers within the U.S. that collect hair donations or have agreements with salons. This provides higher-quality processed hair.

- Hair Mills: Some hair is sourced unethically from hair mills in developing countries like India and China. Hair is bought from people in extreme poverty.

- Online Auctions: Websites like Alibaba allow dealers to connect with and purchase hair directly from manufacturers or exporters. Allows more custom orders.

- Beauty Supply Distributors: Local or regional distributors of popular hair brands sell in bulk or wholesale to dealers. Provides branded and trendy hair products.

- Salon Distribution Networks: Networks of franchise salons may sell excess hair or waste to dealers as part of revenue streams. Provides cut hair for extensions.

- Private Label Manufacturing: Wholesalers can contract the production of unique hair products made to their specifications and quality standards.

- Hair Farms: Dedicated hair farms in Europe and the U.S. ethically source hair by collecting, processing and selling donated ponytails of cut hair.

What are the Features of wholesale hair distributors in New York?

1. Large selection of hair products: They carry a wide variety of brands and types of hair products including wigs, weaves, extensions, hair care products, accessories, and more. Many have thousands of SKUs in stock.

2. Bulk pricing discounts: They offer discounts for buying in bulk or large quantities. The more you buy, the lower the per-unit price. Discounts can be 40-50% off retail prices.

The Bulk pricing discounts of

-They offer bundle deals on 3/4 bundles, with increasing discounts for more bundles purchased. For example, the 3 bundle deals are cheaper per bundle than buying individually.

-They have dedicated sections for 10, 15, 30 and 50 bundle deals, implying significant volume discounts at those levels.

-For the 30 bundle deals, they advertise "lowest price" and "crazy pricing", indicating large discounts likely given for bulk orders of 30 bundles.

3. Fast shipping capabilities: Most distributors have same-day or next-day shipping from their New York warehouses. They can get products delivered quickly to salons or individuals.

The shipping capabilities of

- For sample orders, they offer free DHL/UPS/Fedex shipping worldwide. Bulk orders can get discounted shipping rates.

- They use major couriers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx and also support sea freight for large bulk orders.

- The website mentions shipping hair products to over 50+ countries globally.

- For US orders, shipping takes 3-5 days via express courier. Other countries can take 5-7 days or longer.

- They have experience shipping wholesale orders up to 50+ bundles internationally.

4. Private label products: Some distributors offer their own "private label" hair products that salons can brand and sell. This allows for greater customization and profit margins.

5. Specialty in human hair: Many focus on high-quality human hair rather than synthetic hair. This includes virgin hair that has never been processed.

6. Samples available: They provide sample products so customers can see and try out new hair items before fully committing to buying.

7. Drop shipping services: Distributors can ship products directly to the end consumer on behalf of a salon or hair business.

8. Marketing support: Some provide marketing advice and assets like photos, videos, and advertising templates to help promote new hair products.

Honesthairfactory VS.Wholesale Hair Vendors NYC

Honesthairfactory stands out from other popular hair wholesalers in the New York market by prioritizing ethical sourcing, quality, and customer service. They source hair sustainably to avoid contributing to unethical hair mills while providing consistently high-quality 100% Remy human hair. This ethos could appeal to resellers in New York concerned about sustainability and meeting customer demands. Additionally, Honesthairfactory offers a wide range of hair textures to serve diverse communities and competitive wholesale pricing to appeal to new resellers. Their e-commerce platform enables convenient 24/7 ordering with lower minimums to reduce barriers to entry. By combining ethical practices, inclusive products, and modern technology with a focus on customer experience, honesthairfactory brings a fresh approach to hair wholesaling that could disrupt the status quo dominated by larger legacy players in the New York market. Their emphasis on supporting resellers with marketing assets and guidance further differentiates their value proposition.

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