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Loose wave bob wigs are a specific type of wig that combines the characteristics of loose wave hair texture and a bob haircut. Loose wave hair texture is characterized by soft, flowing waves that are larger and more relaxed compared to tighter wave patterns. It provides a natural-looking wave pattern that adds volume and texture to the hair, giving it a relaxed and effortless appearance. HonestHairFactory offers premium loose wave bob wigs at wholesale prices. Our wholesale bob wigs are made from 100% remy Brazilian virgin hair that has been treated with the gentle loose wave process, leaving them with soft, natural-looking curls. Contact our customer support team today to buy human hair loose wave bobs online or request a custom style. Let our premium wholesale loose wave bobo wigs bring you effortless glamour anywhere you go.

Why Buy Loose Wave Bob Wigs From Honesthairfactory.com?

HonestHairFactory.com offers top quality loose wave bob wigs at affordable prices along with great service - making them the best bob wig vendor for natural looking short hair solutions. Choose from natural shades like 1, 2, 4 or bright dye jobs like ruby red, honey blonde, rose gold highlights. Our loose wave bob wigs start as low as $39. Volume orders are even more affordable. Enjoy factory direct prices loose wave bob wigs human hair! With these following advantages, HonestHairFactory.com is undoubtedly the best online loose wave bob wig shop to find high quality bob wigs at affordable wholesale prices. 

  • High quality remy human hair: Made with premium Brazilian hair that is soft, durable and takes color well.

  • Natural loose wave texture: The loose curls move freely and remain bouncy all day for a realistic look

  • Customized fittings: A wide range of styles, colors, densities and sizes to suit all preferences.

  • Affordable pricing - Wigs start at just $39, less than competitors for the same quality.

  • Fast delivery - Orders usually arrive within 7 days in the USA and worldwide.

  • Reliable customer service - Friendly representatives offer advice and support.

  • Money back guarantee - Great satisfaction assurance for any issues with purchases.

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