Wholesale XR Blue Band 3 Bundles From Best Hair Vendor

Honesthairfactory.com is currently offering a great bundle deal - the Wholesale XR Blue Band 3 Bundles Deal. This deal allows customers to purchase cheap 3 bundles of XR Blue Rubber Band Virgin Hair at a discounted price. Our Brazilian Vigrin Hair XR Blue Band is known for its high quality and soft texture. It is 100% Brazilian human hair that can be dyed, permed and styled easily. Through the 3 Bundles Deal, customers can choose from various curl patterns including Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, and Deep Wave. Wholesale Brazilian XR Blue Band bundles come in a wide range of lengths from 12 inches up to 10 inches, giving customers plenty of options to choose from based on their hair needs and style preferences. Each XR Blue Band virgin hair bundle contains about 150g of hair, which is enough hair to create a full and voluminous look. Ready to wear beautiful but cheap 12-16 inch XR human hair bundles in our raw hair store!

What advantages of Buying XR Blue Line 3 Bundles Deal from us?

  • Cheap Price - Purchasing online bulk XR Brazillian blue rubber band 3 bundles deal on Honesthairfactory together gives you a discount of up to 30%. It's cheaper than buying individually.

  • Versatility - You get cheap virgin hair bundles in different curl patterns and lengths, allowing for flexibility in creating different hairstyles.

  • Longer Lasting Hair - 3 bundles provide ample hair that will likely last 6 months to 1 year with regular styles before needing a change.

  • Convenience - Fulfills the hair needs for multiple installs or multiple clients from a single purchase and shipment. Saves on repeat transactions.

  • Quality Hair - XR Blue Band is known for premium quality textures that can withstand heat styling and take coloring well. Great for achieving different looks over time.

How to Choose Length from our XR Blue Band 3 Bundles Deal?

  • 12-inch XR blue line bundles are ideal for bob cuts, Lobs, and short styles. They allow layering and movement near the face.

  • 14-inch bundles provide a medium length that works well for shoulder-length cuts and flexible styles like waves. Slightly longer than 12 inches.

  • 16-inch bundles give a long length suitable for styles below the bust such as straight looks, body waves etc. Adds fullness compared to 14 inches.

  • Consider your typical hair length preferences - do you like short bobs or longer styles most often? Choose based on that.

  • Check the versatility - 12-14 inches can fold under for updos while 16 inches may be too long.

  • Look at your face shape - thin faces may suit 12 inches better while round faces complement 16 inches more.

  • Consider activities - 12 inches may suit active lifestyles more than 16 inches.

  • Measure your current hair for reference if keeping a similar look or select a length that's noticeably longer/shorter.

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