• 1
    We source directly from the locality, no middlemen or agents for reduced costs
  • 2
    Short hairs are discarded to ensure fuller body/proportion to the ends
  • 3
    We overshoot on weight (~105g/bundle) to ensure you are never undersold
  • 4
    Double wefting process reinforced with natural glue reduces shedding
  • 5
    Full mechanization of the bundle winding process, ensuring consistent, firm bundles that are eye-appealing
  • 6
    Curls and waves are formed in a high-temperature process, chemicals are never used, leaving the cuticles healthy and natural
  • 7
    Hair is washed more than 10 times and deep conditioned 3 times before drying
  • 8
    Hair is air-dried to reduce damage to the cuticle layer
  • 9
    Hair undergoes final inspection to remove discolored, frazzled, or shortened hairs
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