High-quality bundles allow you to build an infinite number of hairstyles

Body wave hair provides touchable, soft curls that amp up volume, movement, and style options for straight hair. When properly installed and maintained, the defined waves offer a beautiful, natural-looking curl pattern. Body wave perms can last 6-12 weeks with proper hair care. Body waves require a perm solution or rods to be applied to permanently modify the hair's texture. This should be done by a professional stylist. As one of the most popular hairstyles on the market, body wave bundles is becoming increasingly popular with women. Some ladies adore the large wave texture, while others appreciate how simple it is to maintain, while others appreciate how adaptable the design is. Even if you don't like the look, you should give body wave hair a try.

China Top Body Wave Hair Wholesale Vendor

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Features Of Body Wave Hair Wholesale:

  • Washable

  • Long-lasting

  • Healthy, bouncy, shiny, and soft

  • Lice and nits free

  • Excellent finish

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  • A wide range of colors, textures, lengths, and densities are available

  • 100% human virgin hair

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