How To Start A Hair Business In Los Angeles - LA Wig Vendor Guide

Los Angeles is known worldwide as a hub for beauty, fashion, and artistic self-expression. From Hollywood celebrities to everyday Angelenos, many residents use hair as a creative outlet to reflect their unique style and identity. With such demand, LA has cultivated a thriving marketplace for high-quality wigs, extensions, and other hair goods. Some of the top vendors have been in business for decades, catering to stylists, performers, and discerning clients seeking a new look. While online shopping grows, many patrons still appreciate finding authentic textured styles through local experts. If you want to start a wholesale hair business or vendor in Los Angeles, California, read our guide!


Los Angeles Wig Market Size & Growth

The annual sales of the Los Angeles wig industry exceed 100 million US dollars, making it the second largest wig market in the United States after New York. In the past five years, Los Angeles wig sales have grown at an average annual rate of 8%, which is faster than the U.S. average. The common assumption that plastic surgery and changing one's appearance is very common has provided the wig market with continued growth. The influence of European and American pop culture is expanding day by day, and more people are pursuing fashionable and novel appearances, which has also increased the demand for wigs. Los Angeles has a developed film and television industry and fashion industry, which provides a wide range of application and display scenarios for wig products. Los Angeles has become a gathering place for different ethnic cultures, which has promoted the emergence of diverse wig types and needs. It is expected that in the next few years, with the increased emphasis on appearance on social media and the deepening of demographic and cultural diversity, the scale of the Los Angeles wig industry will continue to grow rapidly.

Los Angeles Wig Main Targets

Female consumers: As the largest target customer group, their motivations for purchasing wigs include changing hairstyles, matching clothes or occasions, and hiding hair loss. This group prefers wigs with a natural texture.

Performers: Idol celebrities and people in the film and television industry have a high demand for wigs, which are used for changing different characters and changing hairstyles temporarily. They value wig performance and realism.

Mainland immigrants: Among Chinese and Asian immigrant groups, there are customers who purchase wigs to follow traditional etiquette. They pursue products similar to natural hair.

LGBTIQA group: Some individuals use wigs to explore different gender expressions and hairstyles. They focus on the customizability of wigs.

Teenagers: Some teenagers may purchase wigs due to popularity or changing their image. They are sensitive to price factors.

Cancer patients: Some patients may purchase wigs to conceal hair loss during chemotherapy. They value the degree of detail reproduction.

How Do People In Los Angeles Buy Wigs?

More consumers are shifting towards online shopping channels like social media platforms and brand websites, attracted by the convenience and ease of digital purchases. However, some consumers, especially those who regularly change wigs like entertainers, still prefer visiting brick-and-mortar stores for consultations and fit testing to ensure the best product selection. For regular users, purchases are typically made every 6 months to 1 year on average. But timelines may vary between individuals - women may change styles for holidays or seasons for example. Professional clients such as models or those in television and film could need new wigs even more frequently depending on project requirements, perhaps every production cycle. In general, the flexibility of e-commerce is pushing it towards the predominant purchasing channel. But for certain customer groups or frequent replenishers, in-store expertise and advice still holds value. Purchase frequency also differs between demographic segments - some change wigs more often than others based on needs and budget.

Los Angeles Wig Trends 

The Los Angeles wig market is experiencing a shift towards more personalized and customizable options that allow individual expression. Consumers are showing a preference for wigs that can be customized for fit and texture to match their unique hair and style preferences, rather than generic off-the-rack styles. There is also a focus on natural appearance and quality materials like human hair blends that provide a realistic look and feel. Short styles are gaining popularity among younger customers seeking low-maintenance options that reflect their personalities. Meanwhile, transformable wigs allowing dynamic color or style changes are appealing to those wanting versatility. Online purchasing is surging in popularity for its convenience over physical stores. Influencers and celebrities are introducing new trends via social media while vibrant customized colors allow people to amplify their individual styles.

  • Natural texture semi artificial wig: This type of wig has a similar appearance and feel to real hair, with a wide range of color variations. It can be flexibly maintained and trimmed, with good durability and moderate price, making it a mainstream consumer choice.

  • Fashionable short hair wig: Los Angeles women pursue individuality, and popular models of short hair wigs include wave heads, short curly hair, etc., showcasing youthful vitality.

  • Human hair with knots and long hair: Smooth and realistic curly hair styling, paired with gentle colors, suitable for daily and formal occasions.

  • Featured hair color wigs: Wigs with bright eye tones such as pink and green bring visual impact and express personality.

  • Customized long hair set: Including multiple styles of long and short hair in one set, which can quickly change the style, this category has strong demand.

  • Color changing wig: A wig with multiple colors that can be easily changed, exuding charm and practicality.

Los Angeles Wig Prices

The wig market in Los Angeles California is fiercely competitive, but each company focuses on product characteristics and personalized customization to meet diverse consumer needs. Short hair is the cheapest, while long hair and custom clothing are the most expensive for most people. In addition, there are certain differences between well-known and practical brands. But for most consumers, a mid-range wig priced between $100 and $300 can meet their daily needs.

Short hair (below chin): priced between $70 and $150. This is an entry-level wig, mainly made of full velvet material.

Medium length hair (to the neck): The price usually ranges from $100 to $250. High quality semi artificial hair and some human hair are both in this price range.

Long hair (from shoulder to waist): High quality human hair typically costs between $200 and $500. More complex curly hair styles and customized service prices will be higher.

Customized short hair: The price is also around $150- $250; And high-end wigs with special features such as color changing may exceed $500.

Los Angeles Wig Regulations

  • Product standard: The wig raw materials and manufacturing process are required to comply with the health and safety regulations of the US FDA.

  • Quality control: Merchants must establish a quality management system to test raw and auxiliary materials and finished products. Unqualified products must be recycled.

  • Business License: Offline stores or online platforms operating wigs must hold a California business license and health permit.

  • Consumer rights: Price deception is prohibited, and a clear after-sales guarantee policy must be provided. If safety issues are found, they must be actively recalled.

  • Labor protection: The wig manufacturing process should fully protect the health and safety of workers and avoid occupational hazards.

  • Intellectual Property: It is prohibited to counterfeit product designs and trademarks of well-known brands of others.

  • Environmental requirements: Encourage the use of sustainable materials and production methods to reduce environmental impact.

How To Be A Good Wig Vendor In Los Angeles?

To stand out in the competitive Los Angeles CA wig market, LA hair vendors need to offer customers unparalleled selection, service, and value. Focusing on customizable styles, niche textures and colors that cater to LA's diversity as well as hard-to-find culturally authentic options allows vendors to fill demand not met elsewhere. Maintaining deep expertise in cutting, styling and consultation helps clients find the perfect look. Leveraging LA's influence through social media relationships and community events fosters brand loyalty while partnering with local designers ensures trend awareness. Convenient locations save time for busy Angelenos and engaging content nurtures ongoing customer relationships key to thriving in such a visual and competitive city. Prioritizing both natural hair quality and competitive pricing without compromise ensures return clientele through quality products and affordable luxury.

Why Choose Honesthairfactory As Your Hair Vendor In LA?

  1. Wide selection - We offer a large collection of human hair bundles, closures/frontals, lashes and wigs in various textures, styles and colors to meet diverse client needs.

  2. Competitive pricing - As a wholesale factory directly supplying stores, their price points are very reasonable and affordable compared to middlemen. This allows better profit margins.

  3. High quality hair - We source from top regions like Brazil, India and Malaysia known for quality hair that is soft, durable and able to handle chemicals like bleaching.

  4. Bulk quantity orders - Being a major manufacturer, Honest Hair Factory can fulfill large volume orders for stores and cater to growing businesses.

  5. Store promotion support - We offer information on their site to educate consumers and create more demand, helping stores expand clientele.

  6. Fast shipping - With international warehouses, stores receive wholesale orders quickly, avoiding delay in supplying new inventory.

  7. Returns policy - We accept returns for refund or exchange within 14 days to mitigate inventory and cash flow risks for store owners.

  8. Local customer support - Their US-based reps provide timely communication, aftersales assistance and delivery estimates tailored for LA stores.

  9. Brand loyalty - Consistent high quality gets stores and their clients returning for more, providing steady recurring business and revenue flow.

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