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Body wave wigs made from Indian hair have become the top choice for many women seeking a low-maintenance alternative to their natural hair. At Honest Hair Factory, we offer 100% Body Wave Indian Virgin Hair bundles at affordable prices and come in different lengths and customization options. With its gentle waves and lush shine, Indian body wave hair has been growing tremendously in popularity in the past few years. Unlike other textures, body wave Indian hair weave is subtle and natural looking, which gives you lots of volume and movement without appearing overly curly or permed. It also allows styling versatility while maintaining ease of use. Indian human hair with body wave texture allows full, bouncy styles with low styling effort. Women love that after a quick co-wash or rinse, the waves naturally fall into big, lush curls, no tools or hot tools are needed. Body wave raw Indian hair wholesale bundles have enough movement for many dramatic upswept styles but are loose enough to easily fall back into place with just finger combing.

Features of Body Wave Indian Virgin Hair

- Texture: body wave pattern is a subtle, loose wave that gives the hair a natural, flowing appearance. 

- Material: Indian hair is known for its thickness, durability, and natural luster. It is one of the most sought-after types of human hair for hair extensions and wigs.

- Durability: highly durable and can last for several months with proper care and maintenance. 

- Styling: can withstand heat styling tools, such as flat irons and curling wands, and can be colored or highlighted if desired.

- Versatility: versatile and can be styled in many ways. It can be worn in a high ponytail, braided, or left loose for a natural, effortless look. 

- Look: adds volume and texture, making it an excellent choice for those who want to add length and fullness to their hair.

- Easy Maintenance: easy to maintain and requires minimal upkeep. 

Wholesale Body Wave Indian Human Hair Vendor & Factory -

As a wholesale body wave Indian virgin hair supplier and vendor, we offer the most competitive price, highest quality, fastest shipping, and excellent customer service. When shopping for trending body wave Indian hair bundles, it's important to source hair from an experienced hair store. Honest Hair Factory specializes in top-rated Indian hair weave bundles for sale to create a seamless blend with your natural hair. Browse our product details of 100% Indian human hair in body waves for buildable volume and length. Enjoy premium virgin hair quality and on-time shipping, you can achieve your dream hairstyle within your budget. 

Why Choose Body Wave Indian Virgin Hair at

- Unbeatable prices: reasonable prices for human hair wigs, making them affordable and worthwhile.

- High-quality products: The finest quality Indian raw hair is durable and long-lasting.

- Fast shipping: stock items as fast as 24 hours.

- Excellent customer service: various tutorials and online support to help our customers solve different problems. 

Is Indian Hair Good for Extensions?

Indian hair is considered one of the best types of hair for extensions due to its durability, versatility, and appearance. 

- Natural look and feel: Indian hair has a natural texture and shine, making it easy to blend with your own hair.

- Durable: Indian hair is extremely durable, making it resistant to breakage and tangling.

- Versatile: Indian hair can be styled in various ways, from curly to straight, making it easy to achieve the look you want.

Indian Hair Body Wave vs Straight, Which Is Better?

- Body wave Indian hair: has a natural, wavy texture that adds volume and movement to your hair. It's ideal for those who want a more natural, effortless look.

- Straight Indian hair: ideal for those who want a sleek, smooth look. It's easy to style and maintain, making it a great option for those with busy lifestyles.

Best Indian Hairstyles for Male & Female 2024

What are the most trendy Indian hairstyles? How can you use this Indian hair bundle? Here are some recommended hairstyles. 

Indian Hairstyles for Men & Boys

- Short Crop: A classic short hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Looks neat and stylish, and suits all face shapes.

- Spiky Hairstyle: Textured on top with short sides, which makes the face look sharper. It is popular among young Indian men. 

- Side Swept Fringe: Longer hair swept to one side. Adds volume and style to straight hair. Can be worn formally as well.  

- Quiff Hairstyle: Medium-length hair styled up at the front, gives a dashing and charming look, and works great with gel or wax.

Indian Hairstyles for Women & Girls

- Beach Waves: Loose curls and waves added to shoulder-length hair using a curling wand. Looks gorgeous and effortless. 

- Half Updo: Top half tied up while bottom half is open. Keeps hair off the face, this is suitable for many Indian outfits and events.

- Braids: Can be fishtail, french, or Dutch braids, keep hair intact in Indian weather conditions.

- Buns: Low, high, or messy buns are trendy. Perfect to highlight traditional Indian jewelry. 

- Bob Cut: Frames the face well, it can be worn straight or with slight waves. Low maintenance and sophisticated style.

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