Do You Have to Use Hair Conditioners - What Does a Hair Conditioner Do & How to Use It

Conditioning is a common step after shampooing hair, but is hair conditioner necessary? Let's learn about what a hair conditioner does and whether you have to use it, as well as some tips for correct use. 

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What Does a Hair Conditioner Do

Hair conditioner has two main functions, one is moisturizing and smoothing. The surface layer of hair is called the hair scale. The denser the hair scales, the brighter and smoother the hair. After the hair is washed, the oil is removed, the hair scales will open, and the gap will increase, so the hair looks rough. In addition, the hair should also contain an appropriate amount of water, but after the oil is washed away, the water retention capacity also decreases, and the hair will easily dry up. Then, the follow-up hair care is mainly to fill the gaps between the hair scales to make it more smooth, and the silicone oil can also help moisturize.

The second function is to eliminate static electricity. After the hair is dry, if the air is also very dry, it is easy to generate static electricity, and the hair will be covered up, not compliant, but the use of anionic surfactant ingredients can eliminate static electricity, and the hair will be smoother. Of course, vitamin B5 (panthenol) and zinc pyrithione are often added to the hair conditioner. The former can moisturize hair and promote hair health, while the latter can reduce dandruff

Do You Have to Use Hair Conditioners

The hair conditioner can repair the damaged hair and prevent the hair from branching. It is smooth and smooth after use and is very easy to use. However, although hair conditioner has many effects, some people are not suitable for hair conditioner. The efficacy of hair conditioners varies from person to person.

1) Oily hair can be dispensed with conditioner, because oily hair has secreted too much oil, and blind use will make the hair more greasy.

2) Neutral hair does not need to be used frequently without chemical treatment such as perm and dyeing.

3) In fact, it is unnecessary to use short hair because there are many hairs, which are easy to smear on the hair root and may cause hair loss

How to Use Hair Conditioners Correctly

1. Before using the hair conditioner, use a towel to absorb the water on the cleaned hair, because when there is too much water in the hair, the hair conditioner cannot be effectively absorbed. (So don't use the shampoo, and then use the skincare essence. Wipe your hair until it won't drip)

2. When applying the hair conditioner, it should be applied to the middle or tip of the hair rather than the hair root of the scalp, and the hair should be fully combed with a comb to make the hair conditioner evenly and smoothly distributed. Remember, it must be fully combed gently.

3. After gently massaging, wrap it with a very hot towel, cover it with a bathing cap, wait for 5 minutes, and then rinse it.

- As the hair conditioner is only a hair smoothing agent, it cannot stay on the hair for too long, and you must rinse the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly when rinsing, otherwise, it will damage the hair quality.

- When applying the hair conditioner, do not apply it to the root. It must not be because the hair conditioner will clog the hair follicle and cause hair loss if it is not cleaned thoroughly. The residual hair conditioner will also burn the hair root, which is not worth the loss.

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