How Much Cost (Money) You Need To Start Hair Business at Home?

How much does it cost to really start a hair business? Let's go over some quick costs of what it really takes to start your own hair company.

Cost You Need To Start Your Hair Business (Selling Extension & Wig) At Home

Selling hair extensions & wigs seems to be a prosperous and profitable business, so even with competition incentives, there are still many people considering joining it, even many people who don't have the extra money to invest. When you want to start a business, the first thing you should think about is how much money do you need to prepare for this. While in today's highly developed e-commerce and international logistics, it is not difficult to start a business at low cost or even zero cost input. So how much does it really cost to start a hair business? Let’s go over the main things you will spend money on starting your hair business at home!

1. Name For Your Business (Free or 15$)

The first thing you're going to need is definitely a name now coming up with a name is free, but a domain name is probably going to cost you 15$.

2. Hair Products (Free or 500~1000$)

Next is the hair products that you're going to be selling, so products cost money. If you're going to inventory hair products such as curly hair bundles yourself, you're probably going to want to start off with what the best-sellers are, and a limited catalog, because you're just not going to be able to inventory all these different lengths, styles, and wigs. But as a minimum if you wanted to do inventory yourself, we would say two thousand dollars; but if you wanted to do drop shipping, you could cost zero or a very low fee for being a member of some hair vendors.

3. Logo for Your Brand (Free or 50$+)

Now you need a logo for your hair brand, there are tools that allow you to design your logo for free online. If you wanted a professional logo done, you could always go to private label branding and other label printing company and have them do with 50$~100$, or you can hire a professional designer you know they can be upwards of thousands of dollars, but since we're just getting started out we would suggest you'd either go Canva for free or private label branding.

4. Custom Packaging (50$ or 200$+)

You can print some labels yourself maybe get some labels at staples, or if you want to go the more professional route, you can use a service like private label branding because they have all the different types of custom packaging that you would need or brand items for your hair bundles, wigs, lashes, pretty much everything. So if you're going to do it yourself may be with labels if you have a printer and all the right stuff, it cost 50$ or you would spend about two hundred dollars with private label branding to get enough kind of basics to get you going.

5. Social Media Marketing (Free)

You're definitely going to need social media accounts you're on your phone all the time anyway, so let's set up the social accounts that can give you maximum exposure for free. It's free to set up these accounts and we highly recommend you set up as many as you can. Set it up with a professional email address and you're on the way you want to definitely keep things separate for your social for your business and social for your personal. You can definitely get started with email marketing for free.

6. Website (29.99$ or 300$+)

You're going to need a website now a website, no matter what, you're going to have monthly fees. So let's just say you're signing up for Shopify, it's going to be about 29.99$ a month and then you can either design the website yourself. You can use free tools like Picmonkey and Canva to do so along with stock images or you can use a service like dropship bundles, they have a bunch of different templates available with Shopify websites and that's going to cost you anywhere between three to five hundred dollars. So if you do it yourself 29.99 a month, but if you hire a professional about 300$.

7. Tax ID & Business (Free~100$)

After you have your name, you're going to have to register an LLC, and it's going to cost you about 100$ in the United States. Then you're definitely going to have to register with the IRS and you are going to need a tax ID or an EIN number and that's free. After you have your business paperwork together, you're going to want to set up a business bank account. Setting up the business bank account's going to be free, but you'd look a little weird if you just didn't put any money in it. 

As you know, there are probably a few things left out, and depending on if you want to hold inventory yourself or dropship hair that's going to add some additional cost or take costs away. So we just go over the basics here.

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