How To Fix Men's Lace Front Wig That Is Stretched Out - Men's Front Lace Hair Patch Wearing Tutorial

Read this guide and learn how to fix men’s lace front wig that is stretched out and how to wear lace front hair patch for men. 

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How To Fix Men's Lace Front Wig That Is Stretched Out

Relatively speaking, men's hair patch made of biofilm (PU glue) is common in the market. The way of glue is usually to stick it with special film for wig. If it is a men's hair patch with forehead lace, especially Swiss net lace, the material will be thinner and more transparent than biofilm, and the film itself has thickness, which will be unnatural and easy to produce reflection. Therefore, the wigs company recommends using glue for pasting.

Many people think that when fixing the wig, the film can be glued and torn, which is much more convenient than glue. They are unwilling to use glue to stick the wig, but this is not the case. In actual use, if the temperature is high, the film will melt occasionally, and there will be residual glue that is difficult to clean on the intranet. However, if a very easy-to-use glue is used, it will be very thin, easy to clean, not wiredrawing, and very convenient to use. Therefore, the easy-to-use glue is as convenient as film, but the use effect is much better than film.

Men's Lace Front Wig Hair Wearing Tutorial

Here’s how to wear lace front wig for men.

1. Men's patch with lace on the forehead is also very simple to wear. The first step is to apply glue to the hairline on their forehead. Pay attention to apply evenly, and the amount should not be too much. If there is too much glue, there will be excess glue overflow from the mesh of lace net, and it will be difficult to clean the hair stuck on the hair block at that time. Don't brush the glue directly on the lace net, because there are mesh holes on the lace net, and the glue is applied unevenly on it. Small bloggers here directly use their arms instead of their forehead.

2. After the glue is applied, press the lace on the forehead of the hair patch directly on the place where the glue is applied. Before the glue is dry, you can adjust the position of the hair patch first, and then press it with your hand to make the lace fully contact with the glue. Press it for 20 or 30 seconds, and the wig will be fixed when the glue is dry.

3. Because the position behind the hair patch is covered and can not be seen at ordinary times, it can be fixed with clips, film or glue. It can be fixed in any way according to individual hair conditions and preferences.

4. After wearing the hair patch all night, do you need to take it off and clean it? The easy glue cleaning is also very simple. Squeeze a little glue remover on your hand or directly drop the glue remover on the place where there is residual glue on the lace forehead, and then gently rub the inner net. If the glue is selected correctly, there will be no residual glue that is particularly difficult to clean on it. If you don't want to clean up every day, it's OK to clean up once a few days.

5. After removing the residual glue, you can clean the lace in front with water alone, wash the lace alone under the faucet, and then blow dry.

6. The residual glue on the lace wig will be very clean after being cleaned up in this way.

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