Non Lace Front Wig Guide: Features, Differences from Lace Front Wig, How To Make It Natural

Here we talk about the Non-Lace Front Wig, by breaking down its advantages, differences from lace front wig, and tips to make it look more natural. 

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What is Non-Lace Front Wig?

A non-lace front wig is a type of wig that does not have a lace base or a natural-looking hairline. Instead, it is typically made from a solid piece of material that covers the entire head. These wigs may have a seam where the material is joined together or a hairline that is not as realistic as a lace front wig. They are typically more affordable and easier to maintain than lace front wigs, but may not look as natural as a result

Why Choose Non-Lace Front Wig?

  • Affordability: Non-lace front wigs are typically less expensive than lace front wigs.

  • Ease of use: They don't require as much maintenance as lace front wigs, such as gluing down the hairline or reapplying the lace every time you wear the wig.

  • Less visible seams: Some non-lace front wigs have less visible seams, making it easier to achieve a natural-looking hairline.

  • Quick and easy styling: These wigs do not require any special preparation or bonding, making them a good option for those who are looking for a quick and easy solution.

Differences Between Non Lace Front Wig & Lace Front Wig

Hairline: Lace front wigs have a natural-looking hairline, made of a delicate lace material that blends in with the skin. Non-lace front wigs have a less realistic hairline and may have a visible seam.

  • Comfort: Lace front wigs can be more comfortable, as the lace material is breathable and conforms to the shape of the head. Non-lace front wigs are typically made from a solid piece of material that may be less comfortable for some people.

  • Price: Lace front wigs are typically more expensive than non-lace front wigs.

  • Maintenance: Lace front wigs require more maintenance, such as gluing down the hairline and reapplying the lace, while non-lace front wigs are usually easier to care for.

  • Versatility: Lace front wigs offer more versatility in terms of styling, as the natural-looking hairline allows for greater freedom to part the hair in different ways.

  • Longevity: Non-lace front wigs are typically more durable and have a longer lifespan than lace front wigs.

  • Visibility: Lace front wigs have a more natural-looking hairline, but may show the lace material if not properly maintained, while non-lace front wigs may have a visible seam, but are less likely to show any visible signs of wear and tear.

How to Make a Non Lace Front Wig Look Natural?

  • Choose a wig with a natural hair texture and density that matches your own hair.

  • Trim and style the wig to fit your face shape and personal preferences.

  • Apply a wig cap to create a seamless transition between your skin and the wig.

  • Blend your own hair with the wig by pulling out some strands around the hairline.

  • Use makeup to match your skin tone to the wig's base and hide any visible seams.

  • Secure the wig with bobby pins or double-sided tape to prevent slippage.

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