What Causes High Porosity Hair & Tips On How To Care For High Porosity Hair

In this guide, we share with you the secret life of high porosity hair like what causes high porosity hair & how to fix it, what are effects of it and how to care for high porosity hair.

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High Porosity Hair

In a perfect world, the hair cuticle is smooth, the layers, the cuticles are nice and closed, it is very lipophilic which makes it very manageable. When it comes to products that you come across, either it's going to be on the outer part of the hair or it's going to be in the inner part of the hair, what determines that is if you have high broccoli hair or low frosty hair, so we want a cuticle that is smooth and closed because it protects the hair wholesale, makes the hair more manageable and overall it is ideal for healthier hair. 

Easy Solutions To Dry High Porosity Hair - How To Care For High Porosity Hair

1. High porosity hair is lifted

On the flip side with high porosity hair, high porosity hair is lifted the cuticles are lifted, but with high porosity hair, it is very hydrophilic. Before, in a perfect world healthy hair is more lipophilic meaning our hair loves oil, it has better affinity to oil our hair naturally is made up of lipids & oil. So when we go to the other side the hydrophilic side, the water side, that's when the damage can come into play because our hair does not like to be so much in that state, it prefers a lipophilic state. Secondly, hair that is high porosity has more anionic sites meaning it has more negative charges, so every part of high porosity hair and also damaged hair as well where there is any type of damage or chip at the cuticle, there is a negative charge, an anionic site. Anionic hair or negatively charged hair is hair that is more frizzier which can lead to tangles which can also lead to breakage split ends, it can also stunt your hair growth. The effects of having high frosty hair outside of the frizziness is the moisture loss. High porosity hair has a very difficult time of retaining moisture, it can take it in, but it's not holding it in because the cuticles are lifted and that water is literally evaporating out of the hair. And because the hair is losing moisture that leads to drier hair, which leads to breakage and split ends. However, with all that being said, there is a way to care for high frosty hair. The first thing is do hot oil treatments, that is amazing for the hair. If your hair is high porosity & hydrophilic, you need to give it back to a more lipophilic state and the best way to do that is to incorporate hot oil treatments into your hair care regimen, that can be olive oil avocado, jojoba, whatever you want to use but some type of treatment on the hair will be ideal for getting your strands back to be more lipophilic and also sealed as well.

2. Using conditioners or deep conditioners that have cationic charges on them 

Even in hair care, opposites attract. So when you are using a conditioner that has cationic ingredients within it, those ingredients are going to attract itself to the damaged parts of the hair to help to smooth the hair down and make it more manageable. So cationic conditions are ideal for high porosity hair.

3. Sealing

The next thing is sealing is necessary, when it comes to sealing in moisture that is a step that you cannot miss, that is so necessary for high porosity hair because you need to retain that moisture. If you have thick high porosity hair, you should be able to withstand hair grease without your hair feeling super weighed down. If you're not a huge fan of hair grease, you can always use castor oil, avocado oil with some type of heavier oil would be ideal if you have thicker hair. If you have thin high frosty hair, then something like grape seed or sweet almond oil or jojoba oil be great as well.

4. Avoid using ingredients that are going to lift the cuticles even higher

Baking Soda Rinses: People use them for multiple reasons, but if you have highly rocky hair, you should not be using baking soda because that's going to lift your cuticles even more because of the high ph of baking soda. In that case, use apple cider vinegar rinses, it is more ideal to the ph of your hair and it's going to help seal those cuticles as well.

5. Avoid using cleansing surfaces to have a high anionic charge 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: That's one ingredient you want to avoid in your regimen because that is not ideal for high frosty hair because that is going to lift the cuticle as well.

That’s all for high porosity hair treatments. So, if you have high porosity hair or had high porosity hair, what is one thing that has helped you the most? If you do have high frosty hair, what is like some of the challenges that you are currently experiencing with your hair? 

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