What is Hair Type 2 - Guide on How to Care for Type 2 Hair & Wavy Hair Types

Understanding your hair pattern helps recognize your hair type and know about its characteristics. Type 2 hair sits in the position between straight and curly hair, how to find if your hair is type 2? Now let’s get into the guide on type 2 hair, mainly covering different types of wavy hair and how to care for type 2 hair.  

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What is Hair Type 2?

Wavy hair, also known as type 2 hair, different from straight hair, is hair that has lots of or some bands running through it from root to tip, is neither totally straight nor completely curled, and often has the shape of an "S." Type 2 hair is arguably the ideal hair to experiment with from a hairdressing standpoint since it has few bends, few curls, and few waves and it is quite manipulable; you can make it extremely smooth or extremely straight, or you can create gorgeous waves or curls. They will not frizz and will also endure a long time.

What are Different Types of Wavy Hair (Type 2 Hair)

There are three subcategories of Type 2 hair, including 2A, 2B, and 2C. How do you know if you have a 2A, 2B, or 2C hair?

- Type 2A Hair: straight with a sliding bend; it has a tiny amount of movement and is still fairly soft and silky; the follicle form of this hair type is oval, and the weight and fall of the hair are straight down. 2A hair will practically fall straight down. It may have traces of straight hair and is also prone to oiliness, so this is very much hair that may be straight in spots and have a gorgeous bend or just flick out a lot on the end, but it will not be curled or straight. 

- Type 2B Hair: has a wavy loose S form, the follicle shape is somewhat oval, and the hair will fall straight down; it will not go out this way or up. This is very much a loose wave with more definition; it's the type of hair that is loose but also defined; it's probably one of the easiest hairstyles to achieve because it can be styled straight or wavy, but this is when your hair goes in more in two directions, so we can definitely see more definition of the wave and no straight bits. 

- Type 2C Hair: very wavy with a definite S-shaped wave. The follicles of this type of hair are somewhat oval, however, the weight fall varies. This is the kind of hair in which the waves are concentrated at the bottom and the heaviness is concentrated at the bottom, forming a triangle. If you have wavy hair that falls into a triangle, you most likely have type 2C hair. It's not only about the form of the hair, it's also about how the hair comes out of your head. Whether it grows vertically or horizontally all four straight out, but also how the hair's weight falls, type 2c hair has a distinct S shape from root to tip and undoubtedly adds volume.

How to Care for Type 2 Hair - Caring Tips for Wavy Hair

1. Within a week, wash at least twice with water. If you go to the gym or have a lot of activities in your daily life, you may wash your hair more often; nevertheless, remember to rehydrate your hair and avoid over-saturating it. 

2. Treatment is scheduled on a weekly basis. You may either perform a hot oil treatment that you can totally rinse out or you can do deep conditioning treatments, which are beneficial for folks who have a lot of frizz in their hair. Frizziness may be caused by split ends or by your hair seeking out moisture, indicating a deficiency in hydration. 

3. Utilize light products that do not coat your hair excessively. Avoid these noxious products; a lot of individuals with wavy hair tend to go to extremes with product addiction, which is unnecessary. You do not need these items; you do not require puddings or custards that are not appropriate for you; thus, while buying, you should seek terms for example as you want to stick to mousse that will aid in the definition. 

4. Dry shampoo. You may have hectic schedules and are unable to wash your hair. If you want to preserve or extend the life of your hair throughout the week, apply dry shampoo. Simply spray it on your head before bed, and as you sleep, which is when we create the majority of the oils in our scalp, it will absorb it.

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