Can Human Hair Wigs Be Dyed, Curled Or Straightened?

The wig, made of human hair, is the most realistic and popular. Although many people buy human hair wigs, they don't know much about them. The wig worn by others looks very beautiful, but it always feels too rustic to buy it back. “I want to change my hairstyle, but I dare not move it casually. I'm afraid that the wig I bought for much money will be washed away”. In fact, the human hair wig is made of human hair. Although it doesn't grow on the head, many of its characteristics still exist. Today we will answer your doubts.

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Can Human Hair Wigs Be Dyed Or Bleached?

Of course, human hair wigs can be dyed into other colors. But like our own hair, we can dye the hair into a deeper color, but if we bleach or dilute the human hair wig, it is not recommended, because it will seriously damage the hair. At the same time, you must be careful when dyeing your hair. Do not dye your hair on the hair net. Because these colors are difficult to remove, they are not so lifelike when you wear them. If you really want to dye your hair wig, it is recommended that you go directly to a professional hairdresser to dye it. In addition, if you have this intention at the beginning, it is recommended to choose light wigs, which are easier to dye than dark hair.

Can Human Hair Wigs Be Ironed Or Straightened?

You can dye your hair, but you can also perm or straighten it. Whether it is a man's hair block or a woman's long hair, you can carry out perm dyeing, straightening, heat setting, etc., and you can also choose different curls for perm, just like your own hair. The difference is that these operations will not harm your hair, and will not affect your health. The key is that it can also be designed into a variety of different shapes.

How Often Should I Wash My Wig?

Unlike our own hair, it will absorb natural oil from the scalp, which needs to be washed every two or three days. The wig does not need to be washed frequently when worn on the head. It only takes 10-15 days or 2-4 weeks to wash. The specific time depends on your living environment and activity level. However, for wigs, of course, it is better to wash them less, so that their service life will also be extended.

How Should Wigs Be Washed And Dried?

In fact, the cleaning of wigs is similar to that of our own hair. It is mainly divided into the following five steps:

1. Comb

In order to prevent hair loss, it is best to comb the wig before washing. Gently comb your hair from the tip to the top of your head.

2. Flushing

It is better to use cold water or warm water to rinse the wig. If the water temperature is too hot, it will cause certain damage to the hair.

3. Shampoo

There is no need to use specific shampoo to clean the wig, but we strongly recommend using the matched shampoo without sulfate and alcohol. In the cleaning process, first rub the shampoo in your hands to make foam, then evenly smear foam on your hair and gently rub it. Then rinse the foam on the wig with cold or warm water. Then remove the excess water, and pay attention not to twist the hair or pull it hard.

4. Hair conditioner

If the hair on the wig is separated from the scalp, there will be no continuous nutrition supply, so it must be well maintained. After washing the hair, apply the conditioner evenly on the hair, but avoid putting the conditioner on the hair net. After standing for 10-30 minutes, rinse the conditioner off the hair with cold water.

5. Natural drying

For wigs, it is best not to use a hair dryer to dry them directly. You can hang them overnight and dry them naturally. If there is not enough time to dry the hair with a hair dryer, it is best to put the wig on the wig holder and gradually dry it, and then apply the wash-free hair conditioner on the hair. Ensure that the hair on the wig is fully maintained and will not become more and more irritable and shiny.

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