9 Factors Affecting The Price Of Wigs

How much does it cost to buy a man's wig? Many people believe that the answer to this question is unknown, especially those who are exposed to wigs for the first time. In fact, like all commodities, wigs have advantages and disadvantages, just depending on how you choose. Men's hair block has various shapes, which can accurately cover the bald area of the user's head and provide a comfortable and flexible lifestyle.

If you want to buy a suitable man's wig, you need to consider many aspects. When you choose the best wig for yourself, consider the price to see if it is worth the price. There are several factors that can affect the price of the block.

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9 Factors Affecting The Price Of Wigs

1. Hair types. There are two types of wigs on the market at present. One is human hair, the other is man-made fiber. Relatively speaking, the price of human hair is relatively high.

2. Hair quality. The quality of hair determines the price of hair lump. In the ecological regions of China and India, 20-30cm hair is the best hair quality for girls aged 15-19 years old who are iron-free and dye free.

3. The area of hair block. The size and shape of the hair loss area determines the core cost of the wig. Generally speaking, the larger the bald area is, the higher the cost of making the hair block is, and vice versa

4. Density. The density of hair in the hair block also determines the cost. The higher the density, the more hair will be used, and the higher the price will be, and vice versa (Europe, America, Korea, Europe, low density 90% - 100%, the Middle East, high density 130%).

5. Cap Construction. Different cap construction needs a different amount of hand works. That's why you might be found that sometimes a synthetic wig is even expensive than a human hair wig. There're mainly three kinds of cap constructions in the market.

(1) Full lace cap wig is the most expensive type of wig, because the whole head hair is hand tied to the cap lace, which allows you to part the hair as free as your own hair.

(2) 360 lace cap wigs is a creative cap construction, it's designed to a very clever way, it has lace all around the circumference, not only allows you to free part in the front but also allows you to wear in a high ponytail by gluing down the lace around the neck, just like the full lace cap.

(3) 13*4 lace front cap wigs are an affordable alternative to full lace cap wigs. But the prices are still different when the area of the lace front part is different, it will be comparatively more expensive when the hand tied lace part is larger.

(4) 4*4 lace closure cap wig is the most economical choice, because the handmade lace is the smallest, so the price is relatively low. It can make to middle part and side part .It is the best choice that most people can afford.

6. Production method. Good hair pieces are generally crocheted by hand, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the cost is naturally high. Some hair pieces will also be crocheted by machines, so the cost is relatively low.

7. Technology. The technology used in the production of wigs is also different. Hair can be knotted individually or multiple times.

8. Brand. The brand of wig will also determine the price of hair piece to a certain extent. If the brand is very popular, the price of hair block will increase. If it is a new brand, the price will be lower.

9. Countries and Regions. The price of wigs will also vary with countries and regions. For example, in India, the price of wigs varies from $150 to $500.

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