What Should You Do If The Wig Loses Luster After Wearing For A Long Time?

Before buying a wig, many people will worry about the damage of the wig to the scalp and feel that the hair follicles are blocked and can't grow hair. In fact, after your hair loss, some hair follicles have gradually shrunk, while some hair follicles have even closed, so many people will become bald. And after taking off the wig, there is still a lot of cleaning and maintenance work to be done, so wearing the wig on the scalp hair follicles is really minimal.

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What Should You Do If The Wig Loses Luster or Harden After Wearing For A Long Time?

The first is to clean and maintain your wig. After purchasing a wig, it is accompanied by some auxiliary materials for cleaning and maintenance, such as:

  • Wash free cleaning antibacterial spray. It can inhibit the growth of scalp microorganisms and scalp itching, and maintain the hygiene of wig and scalp ecological health.

  • Medical biological double-sided adhesive tape. Waterproof and sweat-proof, firm and natural, without fear that the wig will fall off at any time; At the same time, it adopts medical desensitization design, which is very friendly to scalp sensitive people.

  • Wig moisturizing and softening care spray. It can prevent the knotting, static electricity and roughness of the wig, and can also supplement the nutrition for the hair, make the wig hair natural and smooth, and reduce the occurrence of broken hair.

  • Professional gel removal cotton. In the process of wearing wigs, there will always be residual colloids. The professional gel removal cotton can not only help remove the residual colloids, but also restore the viscosity of the inactive double-sided adhesive and reuse it.

  • Special anti-static cushion comb for wigs. Anti-static design can effectively reduce hair damage. At the same time, the rubber air bag has an air bag hole, which has a good rebound. It can massage the scalp while combing the hair.

  • Special bracket for wig. It can support the hair net without collapsing, maintain the shape of the hair net, and is easy to load and unload, convenient to store and carry.

These products are used well. Basically, the wig can be maintained well. However, there will always be places where the cleaning is not in place, so the hair block will harden and the hair will gradually lose its luster after wearing it for a long time. This requires you to regularly carry out in-depth cleaning and repair, and take it to the store for maintenance (it is recommended to carry out in-depth maintenance once every 20-30 days).

Compared with their own maintenance methods, they will be more professional and clean more thoroughly:

1. Make an appointment for in-depth maintenance of the wig, and then someone will collect it at home, check the status of the hair block and determine the focus of maintenance

2. Comb the hair smoothly, remove glue and oil for the hair net, and wipe and clean it repeatedly with professional gel removal cotton

3. Wet with cold water, use cold water mixed with professional wig shampoo for repeated cleaning, and then apply biological hair conditioner after washing, so as to restore the vitality of hair

4. After cleaning, sterilization and mites removal should be carried out, and the hair block should be completely dried

5. Conduct in-depth inspection for hair block to see if there is colloid residue (if any, conduct another in-depth cleaning)

6. Carry out professional aromatherapy after testing and confirming that it has been completely cleaned

7. Put it into the professional storage box for sorting and saving

8. Finally, deliver it to the door

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