How To Brighten Your Aging Hair And Make You Look Younger

What happens to the hair as it ages? How to make hair shiny after 50? Today, we're going to talk about some of the struggles that you may be facing with your hair as it matures. And we’re going to show you some quick fixes for these very common issues. We share some tips to make your hair looking thicker, bright, shiny and beautiful at any age.

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What Happens To The Hair As It Ages?

The first thing that happens is the hair loses pigmentation. Going gray is a completely individual experience. For some people, it happens really young and for others, it happens later on. The way that it comes in is also completely different depending on the person. Some people get very white. Some people get salt and peppery. Some get streaks of white. Some have it clustered in the temples and some have it evenly distributed throughout the entire head. If you've embraced your natural color or if you've gone lighter with your hair to manage it and you're now a blond, you may have noticed that your hair picks up a yellow cast sometimes when hair has no pigmentation or very little pigmentation, it picks up things from the environment, chlorine and other chemical residues in water, UV rays from the sun, and even oils from the scalp can give gray or white hair a yellowish tone. 

Tips To Brighten Your Aging Hair And Make You Look Younger

1. Remove unwanted yellow tones in hair

The first aging hair tip for you, whether you're a man or a woman, is to regularly include a purple product into your routine. Purple is the opposite to yellow on the color wheel, and because of that it neutralizes yellow tones and turns them bright and icy. It is amazing how it works. This line is all about empowering women who want to look and feel beautiful in the stage of life that they are in. You want to include a purple shampoo into your routine about twice a week, if your hair is white, salt and pepper or blond. This one in particular is awesome because it neutralizes yellow, but it also hydrates strengthens and adds volume to aging hair. 

2. The perfect haircut for aging hair

The next thing we want to talk about is how the hair can get thinner over time. After menopause, estrogen levels decrease and this can lead to hair thinning and even hair loss. You don’t have any issues with hair loss, but you have expressed that you are having a hard time getting and maintaining volume. This is an extremely common issue. So we’re going to show you how to combat that right now. 

The second tip for you is to get yourself a fantastic haircut because there is no styling in the world that will be able to combat a really bad haircut. A really easy way to give the illusion of thick hair when your hair is fine is to ensure that the baseline of the hair looks dense. The shorter and blunter you go, the heavier the baseline looks. It's just because a dense bassline tricks the brain into thinking that the hair is thick overall. Another fantastic thing to do is cut in soft, wispy bangs. 

3. Styling for volume

Getting volume in your hair when you're older is one of the most universally flattering things that you can do. But it’s easy to make some mistakes. 

  • The first mistake is not using the right hot tools. If you don't have one already, get yourself a blow out brush and ditch your flat iron. A blow out brush is a life changing hot tool. It's way easier to control than a round brush and a hairdryer when doing your own hair and it yields amazing results. Blow out brushes can be super hot so you have to be very careful. Start by prepping hair with the Better Not Younger heat protection and taming spray. It acts as a shield so that the heat doesn't damage the hair, but it also has vitamin E to reduce frizz. So it's like a heat protector and a styler in one spray. When blow drying the hair, instead of blow drying the root in a downwards motion, you have to blow dry it all the way up until the hair is 100% dry. You want to move in small controlled sections and blow dry that root up in every single section. This is the number one way to get volume to last you for the entire day. And if you use a blow up brush, it's actually very easy to do this. You just have to move your arm up. That's it. It's not complicated. And you don't have to fiddle with too many things.

  • The second mistake is not freezing in the volume. When hair is hot, it is malleable. So if you blow it out and then you brush it out, you're going to flatten it. You want the hair to cool and a voluminous position in order for it to set its shape. You can put in a few velcro rollers at the top of the head in a mohawk placement, making sure to push the hair forward before rolling it back so that the roller sits on its base. Velcro rollers do need heat to work, the hair has to be hot and malleable and it has to cool down and its lifted shape on the roller, or it will not do anything. If your hair has cooled down by the time you roll them in, it's okay. Just use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to heat them up for a minute and then let them cool for 10 minutes or so on the head before taking them out.

4. Wear human hair wigs

The last tip for younger looking hair is to wear a human hair wig,  it's a versatile option for individuals seeking a temporary or permanent solution to hair loss or looking to experiment with different hairstyles.

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