How To Use Gelatin For Hair Growth - Easily Get Longer Thicker Hair

There are so many great things about gelatin that a lot of people don't know about and how it can benefit our hair. So in this guide, we’re sharing 3 effective ways to use gelatin for hair growth. We are talking about what gelatin is, the benefits of gelatin and how to use it to see great results.

How To Use Gelatin For Hair Growth

What Is Gelatin?

Gelatin as a food ingredient, it's an off-white powder and you mix it with water and then it thickens the water phase. And gelatin is used in creating gummy worms, gummy bears, it has a lot of uses. But if we look at the gelatin a little bit deeper, gelatin is made up of different amino acids and small groups amino acids that combine together turn into peptide roots, making it a protein now. As you know, our hair is made of protein but what makes up the protein are teeny tiny little amino acids and they represent the structure and the Integrity of our hair. When we consume gelatin and when it gets into our stomach, there are enzymes within our small intestines that break down the gelatin to least teeny tiny know assets and they get absorbed into our bloodstream and eventually get to our scalp. Once it gets to our scalp, then it helps to regulate healthy growing hair. So that's like the mechanism that was taking place with gelatin within our body. 

Benefits of Gelatin for Hair

  • When it comes to the benefits of gelatin, one of the benefits is that gelatin is known for supporting stronger hair to help prevent breakage and this all goes back down to the amino acids that are within the gelatin because our hair is made up of these amino acids, sometimes due to our daily maintenance and different products and chemical service, and thee life cycle of our hair it goes through a lot of stress. So a lot of times we need to restore those proteins, restore those amino acids and gelatin make a beautiful a natural option, can help to restore amino acids that strength into our hair, thus helping to prevent breakage. 

  • On top of that, there has been some research shown that gelatin helps to increase our antigen phase and that is our active hair growth phase. This phase can be between four to eight years, it depends on the person's body. But when you have an increased antigen phase, that is a increased opportunity to obtain longer hair providing you are retaining your length. But the amino acids and gelatin help to nourish the hair follicle and with that nourishment can come the increase of an antigen phase.

  • Some people think that gelatin can help to prevent follicle shrinkage, which happens a lot with androgenic alopecia. As our hormones change, so can our hair grow from the health of our hair can change as well and gelatin is generally recognized as safe gras in the industry. 

Applications & How To Incorporate Gelatin Into Your Hair Care?

  • You can take gelatin in your smoothies and you can literally mask anything in a smoothie, the most nastiest powder, if you pop that in a good old smoothie with a bunch of fruits and veggies and juice, you're going to mask it. The gelatin happens to be tasteless, so it won't take nothing and it can help to thicken your smoothie as well. So if you want to take it internally that would be a great option.

  • Another way to take gelatin is taking a gelatin supplement. It is a quick and easy way to get that in your diet on a daily basis.

  • The last way to incorporate gelatin into your hair care regimen is by doing a gelatin hair mask. 

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