How To Wash & Take Care Of Your Curly Lace (Front) Wig?

Want to retain the beauty of your curly lace wig for a long time? Then these washing and care steps can help you effectively take care of your true love wavy wigs.

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Tips to Wash and Maintain Curly Lace Wig

Maintaining your wig can be much simpler than you think with the right beauty tricks. For example, covering your hairpiece with a cap will keep it clean. Use gentle products and conditioning is life-saving gestures for your wig. It is also important to wash your wig as little as possible. Putting your wig on a chair on your bedside table can lead to knots and tangles. To avoid this, it is recommended to put the wig on a polystyrene mannequin head.

Or you can also put it on a wig stand. And above all, it must be placed in a place where the hair can hang freely. To prevent your wig from getting completely involved and ruining your look, it is essential to get a wig holder.

4 Steps to follow in the maintenance of your curly lace wig:

1. Washing

You can wash and revitalize your wig with regular shampoo and conditioner if it is natural hair. During washing, avoid grouping it or shaking it in full shampoo, this could entangle it and make knots. Apply your shampoo by regularly running your fingers through the hair, from the tips to the cap. After washing, rinsed thoroughly to dissipate the leavening product.

Remember to always use a wide-toothed comb to untangle the hair from your curly wig. This is so as not to undo the curl of your hair. And to finish washing, after rinsing, apply a leave-in conditioner. Now let's move on to drying.

2. Drying

In order not to damage your wig, sponge it with a t-shirt. Then lay it flat on a towel (cap down). Do not abuse the gel to define the curls, before the wig is completely dry. And above all, do not hang your wig to dry it when it is still wet. Because, in this way, the cap would lengthen and this may have an impact on the curves of your postiche.

3. Comb

HOW TO COMB YOUR CURLY WIGS? The care of curls and waves is completely different for both natural and wig hair than for straight hair wigs. Special care must be taken not to disturb the structure of the curve. For this purpose, it is recommended to use the appropriate wig cosmetics during which you can enjoy perfect hair for a long time. Spray conditioner (sample product of the company Henry Margu can log here), necessarily those who are dedicated to synthetic hair.

Before combing your wig, you should thoroughly spray the hair sections with twist-enhancing spray. This product not only protects the curls but also facilitates detangling. Remember not to overdo the amount of spray. Synthetic wigs should not be wet combed as this can contribute to the pilling of the fibers. Once you are sure that all your hair is properly secured, you can start combing. However, remember to do this only with a wide-toothed comb. This way you will reduce the risk of hair-tearing out of the cap.

4. Storage

HOW TO STORE YOUR CURLY WIG? The key to maximizing the durability of your hairstyle is to store your wig properly. Remember to place it on a special stand or head each time you remove your wig. Also, if your wig has waves or curls, always secure your hair with a suitable net after taking it off. Most stores add them to the order. To secure the hairstyle, gently gather all the curls and place them in a net, which you then pull over the roots of the hair. The wig should be stored like this every time you take it off.

Why is it so important? Because despite the much higher durability of hairstyles made of synthetic wigs, we must take into account the effects of gravity. If your hair is left to hang freely for 24 hours every day, you will notice that your curls will straighten much faster.

5. Hydration

To have good hydration of your curly hair bundles, we recommend using argan oil. You should know that a lack of hydration can give a dull look to your wig. If it is a virgin human hair wig:

  • Sprinkle with a little water or liquid without rinsing and

  • Seal the hydration with a light oil (such as grape seed oil)

The little trick to protect your hair curl is to moisten them regularly. When you have a curly wig, the biggest challenge is to manage to keep your curls.

Tips To Keep Your Curly Lace Wig Frizzy

You should know that the curly lace wig is hair that has more open scales than smooth hair. Therefore, it is more fragile and needs regular hydration and much more maintenance. The lack of hydration is actually one of the reasons why curly hair becomes dry very quickly. This causes a loss of definition of the loops.

So to resolve this issue, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • Divide hair into 4 sections

  • Spray the sections with water.

  • Untangle each of the sections one after the other with your fingers. Repeat several times in a row, until your hair is perfectly untangled. This step requires your full attention. So, take your time.

  • Take a hazelnut of blown gel that you spread completely over each section. This type of gel is less heavy on your hair compared to a lambda gel.

  • Finally, seal everything, with light oil, distributing it in the hair, as for the blown gel.

  • Allow drying in the ambient air.

Once dried, the hair will have taken a little more volume and your curls will be more defined.

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