7 Uncommon Knowledge You Don't Know About Your Hair

Do you know your hair? How to understand? Hair is oily, dry, bifurcated, and alopecia. In fact, there is a lot of unpopular knowledge about hair that you don't know. Let's have a look!

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7 Uncommon Knowledge You Don’t Know About Your Hair

1. Number of hair

The number of human hair has been fixed since birth, and it is impossible to increase in the future. According to scientific calculations, the number of adult hair varies from 80000 to 120000, with an average of about 150 hairs per square centimeter. Different parts are sparse and different. However, there is a certain gap in the number of hair of different colors. According to the data, the blond hair is relatively thin, with 140000 pieces per capita; Slightly thick red hair, 90000 per capita; Black hair and brown hair are more than 100000 per capita. In addition, the life span of each hair varies, and it will be changed in two to six years.

2. Hair growth rate

The growth rate of hair is 0.27-0.4 mm per day, with an average length of about 1 to 1.5 cm per month and about 10-20 cm per year. However, our intake of nutrition, our own genetic factors, gender, age, hormones and other factors will affect hair growth. Lack of nutrition will lead to slow growth of hair, and lack of sufficient nutrition will also lead to premature hair loss. So it is true that dieting and losing weight will lead to hair loss.

3. The season will affect the growth of hair

The growth rate of hair in summer is obviously faster than that in winter. Because there will be a long time of sunshine and higher temperature in summer. Warm weather increases the nutritional supply required for keratin growth, which is essential for hair growth. Of course, this is not to let you shine in the sun for a long time. Your hair also needs to be protected from sun, otherwise sunburn will also lead to hair loss.

4. Cutting your hair doesn't make it grow faster

Many people think that their hair grows faster after each hair cut. In fact, this is just their illusion. We should know that our hair grows from the root up, not from the tip. So regularly trimming the ends of the hair can't make the hair grow faster. What can affect hair growth is the nutritional status of hair follicles. That is to say, the health of hair follicles is the key to determine the health and density of hair.

5. Shaving does not improve hair quality

Our hair quality is determined by hair follicles, and shaving does not have any effect on the activity of hair follicles. The growth of hair is mainly regulated by endocrine hormones in the human body, and is related to personal nutritional status, genetics and other factors. It has little effect on the delicate hair caused by hormone disorder. So shaving your head will not improve your hair quality. If you want to improve hair quality, you should arrange reasonable living and eating habits to improve bad hair quality from the root. As for getting more hair? Our hair follicles have been fixed since birth. Whether you shave your head or supplement nutrition, it will not increase your hair. However, if there is a problem with hair follicles, it will reduce your hair. Therefore, many people wear wigs cheap after hair loss.

6. Hair will grow longer when exposed to water

Although our hair is only thin, it is very elastic. When the hair is dry, it can stretch 20% - 30% of its length. When the hair gets wet, it can stretch 50%, because 50% of the elasticity of the hair is hydrogen bond, and the hydrogen bond will separate when it meets water, so the hair will grow longer.

7. Hair is stronger than you think

Hair is not only elastic, but also stronger than you think. A healthy adult hair alone can bear a weight of 40-80g, which can lift a mobile phone. The average hair of a person is about 100000 in total. If calculated by 50g, the weight of the whole hair of a person is about 5000 kg, which is equivalent to the weight of four cars or one adult Asian elephant.

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